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SoliClassica Music Academy is a non-profit, year-round music program for children, teens, and adults. SMA is founded to provide a sequential music theory curriculum (aligned with ABRSM and Royal Conservatory of Music programs), chamber music program, music history classes, and more. While it is focused on developing musicianship in students, this program is also for adults.

The Music Academy has been formed to build on what students are already learning and developing in private studios, giving them more in-depth Music Theory opportunities that will further their musical development (and help them advance and synthesize even more in their private lessons) and offering Chamber Music for those whose teachers feel it would be beneficial to them at this stage of development (Elementary level through Advanced, with some children as young as 8 years old in the program). For those, such as adults, who may not be taking private lessons, theory and/or chamber music would also be very beneficial, allowing them to grow musically in an ensemble setting with other adults, or expanding their knowledge through music theory classes.

Performance Workshops

“...a very safe and nurturing environment for students...”

The Performance Workshop program is designed to give students additional performance experience in a safe, non-competitive, non-judgmental environment.  Emphasis is given to students sharing their music, their love of music, and their process of learning, with other students. Each workshop is led by a professional, performing, musician who will discuss the forms and genres of the pieces performed, as well as share a bit about the composers of the works. By performing more often, students usually become more comfortable with performance, but also more aware of the effect music has on the audience, and how to better project their interpretation of the piece. Each student will hear others perform, and will be exposed to a wide range of music, as well as repertoire for varying instruments.

Students may choose to perform a polished work, one that is still in progress, or they may simply observe.  All students needing an accompanist have the opportunity to collaborate with a professional pianist in the Workshop.

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Chamber Music

Chamber Music is available for students as well as adults, with specific dates for coachings and rehearsals based on musicians’ availability and schedules.

The current term of chamber music runs through December 2011, with openings for new registrations for Spring 2012 available and accepted any time.

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Music Theory

Music Theory is a core program in the SoliClassica Music Academy. The program has multiple, sequential, levels that align with both the ABRSM and Royal Conservatory programs, allowing participants to take national exams, if they choose to do so, as they progress from one level to the next. This is a very exciting program in the Academy, as it allows students from both Suzuki and traditional programs to enter at their appropriate levels in Theory and to progress to their goals, which would include allowing students to prepare for college auditions and testing for college and conservatory admission, but which would also allow students of all levels and instruments to synthesize and incorporate ear-training, dictation, understanding of harmony and key signature, rhythm, and structure to develop even more fully in their private lessons.

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Karen SamsKaren Sams, founder of SoliClassica Music Academy, is very excited about the opening of the Academy. As a pianist, she has taught children, teens, and adults for more than two decades. Before returning to Asheville in 2006, Ms. Sams taught at Peabody Preparatory in Baltimore, MD for 12 years. She was on the faculty of the Arts for Talented Youth Program at the Preparatory, taught sight-reading, and coached chamber music at both Peabody Preparatory and The John Hopkins University.

Ms. Sams hopes that the Academy will serve students and adults throughout the area to provide Theory and History classes, Chamber Music, and Performance opportunities to expand and enhance what students and adults are already learning in their private lessons and other programs. As Leon Fleisher said in a recent interview, about chamber music, "There is no greater joy than that which is shared." Ms. Sams hopes this will be a venue for performers and audience members alike to truly share, and learn about, music.